The Target of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a huge buzzword right now. It also happens to be one of the most successful methods for organic search results, customer conversions and all around user experience. In its simplest form, content marketing is just writing...but writing that's current, relevant and desirable...something that people would seek you out for just to read.

Whether it's "Evergreen Content" or the latest news story, figuring out what's relevant to your brand is the key to good content marketing.  Since Google's Panda algorithm update, quality content has been more important than ever...and bad or filler content has become the bane of your existence.

The key to Content Marketing lies in something that's been a symbol for marketing for generations...the target.

What I refer to as the "Target of Content Marketing" is a 3-ringed target. This is a simple visual that you can consult any time your content structure feels like it's getting out of control. It's also a great way to figure out new content ideas that will be relevant to your particular brand and improve your SEO results.

1. The Bull's Eye

This is where you aim. The bull's eye, or center of your content marketing target is where you put content that is directly related to your brand. If you're a shoe about shoes!

Let's take Toms for example. They make shoes, and they give shoes away. That's everything they need to focus on for this bull's eye.  Ya, it's that simple. 

If you're in business, you already know what you do.  Write about that and focus on that as your main target for new content.

2. The Middle Ring

The second place on your target is the center ring. This is close to your bull's eye and also bridges the gap to your outer ring. Content that would fit into this category would be anything that might not be directly related to your brand, but is directly related to your industry.

Again, if you're a shoe company, this wouldn't exactly be about shoes, but if you make basketball shoes, it could be about a basketball player. Focussing on someone who uses the product rather than the product itself allows you to find current material that might be more interesting than just your core product.  Also this is a great way to draw people in that might be interested in your product.

3. The Outer Ring

This ring is the furthest you want to go from your core brand to prevent producing irrelevant content that doesn't add value to your company/blog, etc. You can occasionally publish content that isn't directly related to your brand or industry...if you know that your customers would be interested.

This type of content might not directly add value or authority to your brand, but it can increase readership of your more relevant articles by bringing in readers that might be interested on your chosen topic.

Remember that although some things might seem like they're a good idea for new content, if they don't fit within these categories you might be better off without them. Keeping a consistent brand image often influences the perception between respected brands and...well...posers.

Just do what you do best.

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